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Hi I'm Tammy Bartel. I started breeding Mini Long-haired Dachshunds back in 1997 till 2007 then I took a break for 7 years, now I'm going to start hobby breeding Mini Long-haired Dachshunds, I'm also Breeding German Shepherds. Cosimo is one of my Dachshunds from when I was breeding before. All my puppies are hand raised under foot with other dogs, cats and kids. They will all be very loveable and playful puppies and partially puppy pad trained.

Dachshunds have always been one of my favorite
breeds ever since I was a little girl, I have always had
one. My very first one was a Short-haired, but every
one after that has been Long-haired, I prefer the
Long-haired over the Short-haired but that is just my
personal preference. My husband and I met 13 years 
ago and his favorite breed is German Shepherds so
once he joined the Army we purchased our first
German Shepherd then a week later my husband got
deployed to Afghanistan so she became my dog since
he was gone for 10 months, but she has been a great
addition to our Family and loves to play Frisbee, and
is very Protective of her Family. So if your wondering
how we came up with the name, this is how....... Both
Dog Breeds are of German Origins. The Dachshunds
and German Shepherds are both of German Origin.

This is a Hobby and these are Family Members not just
dogs I Breed, so I feel it is time for my Angel to be Done and for her
to live out her life with us and never have to worry about being
Bred again. She'll have plenty of Dachshund Babies to play with.
I'm sure you've read Cosimo Passed away and is now with his
GrandFather White's Sir Wiggles and a few of his other family
members that are waiting for us to be reunited again one day. Angel has Passed Away and is Now With Cosimo once Again. They are Both Loved and Missed Dearly.