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GerMania Pups and More-Health Contract

This guarantee is written for the protection of the puppy, the buyer and the the seller .
The above mentioned puppy is being sold as Pet Quality Only.
This puppy is guaranteed to be in good health to the best of my knowledge.
A licensed veterinarian must check all puppies within 48 hours from the date the contract is signed to activate this agreement excluding days the vet is closed.
Breeder will need proof that puppy was taken to the vet.
All future liabilities and veterinarian bills will be the buyer's responsibility. All responsibilities of the dog are released at the time of the purchase.
If the puppy is diagnosed with a non-life threatening disease/condition/disability then buyer does not have the option to return the puppy/dog. Non-life threatening
diseases/condition/disability includes, but is not limited to hypoglycemia, diarrhea, worms, kennel cough, mites, fleas, ticks, coccidia, giardia or any other
parasites that lie dormant in the puppy's intestinal tract.
Seller does not guarantee against parvo or other diseases because once the puppy has left the seller's premises we have no control over environmental exposure
that this puppy receives. It is highly recommended that the puppy has as little exposure to outside sources until it has received all of its puppy shots. This
includes not taking the puppy to potty at rest areas, restaurants, parks, play areas designated for puppies and any other area that may be at risk of exposure.
If your veterinarian should diagnose your puppy with a hereditary disorder, you must supply breeder/seller within 48 hours, a written diagnosis from your
veterinarian. We reserve the right to have any diagnosis verified by a veterinarian of our choice. This means the puppy will have to be returned to me within 48
hours with all paperwork.
If second opinion confirms the first opinion, the puppy will be replaced(not refunded) as soon as another puppy of equal value is available, unless the buyer pays the difference.
If second opinion does not confirm the first opinion the buyer will receive a letter detailing the reason for denial replacement.
We do not guarantee against adult size, conformation, trainability or future breeding capabilities. The puppy is being sold strictly as a companion.
We do not guarantee against Alopecia(skin problems) especially in diluted colors.
We do not guarantee against accidents, abuse, or neglect.
If the puppy is not seen by a licensed vet within 48 hours of pickup this contract is null and void.
All Puppies have had their vaccinations and de-wormings given as stated on the vaccination schedule that you have received.
If buyer sales or places this puppy with a new owner this contract is VOID.
All requirements must be met or the guarantee is VOID. No exceptions.
We feed our puppies Purina Pro Plan Puppy Savor. If you decide to change the food, please do so gradually to prevent any upset to the puppies stomach. This
might cause diarrhea that could lead to dehydration. I do not guarantee the puppy against this!!
PLEASE take your new puppy to the vet for a checkup. Even though we give different types of de-wormers to the puppies on their schedule they can still pick up
parasites. Some parasites can lay dormant and then show back up. Always make sure your vet does a fecal examine on their first visit. I WILL NOT replace a
puppy for any other reasons than a hereditary disorder.
We guarantee this puppy for up to 6 months on any life-threatening genetic disease.
By signing the first page of this contract you are acknowledging that you have received a copy of this health guarantee along with a copy of the first page.
If you have any questions or just want to drop us a line or pic on how the puppy is doing we would love to see it, We are always here for our families!
Thank you for purchasing one of my babies. Enjoy your new puppy!!